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The goal of our WWW-service is to provide important information about our education and research-programs and other activities of our institute. Texts primarily intended for our students are written in German.

Main fields of activity of the institute:

  • Doing Business on the Internet
  • E-Business Planning and E-Business Controlling
  • E-Government
  • Legal aspects of information- and communication-systems
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Learning
  • Blended Learning in the Kindergarten
  • Regional and Rural Networking
  • Enduser Computing (in German: Individuelle Datenverarbeitung)
  • NewMedia
  • Computer Trainer Training Center

- Fields of cooperation

Linz, the capital of Upper Austria (- Oberösterreich), is situated at the river Danube, between Vienna and Salzburg.

Arriving by car please use Austrian Motorway A1, leave A1 near Linz ("Knoten Linz"), now follow A7 (exit 15 "Linz-Dornach").

Flughafen (c) M. Pils 2005

Bus (ÖBB line 601) from - Blue Danube Airport to ...

Hauptbahnhof (c) M. Pils 2004

... Linz Main Station ("Linz Hauptbahnhof")

Wegweiser Bahnhof (c) M. Pils 2004

At station "Linz Hauptbahnhof" follow this sign ...

Linzer Mini-U-Bahn (c) M. Pils 2004

... to tram ("Straßenbahn") line 1 or 2 ("Universität").

Management Zentrum (c) M. Pils 2002

The campus is in the north-east to the centre of the city (app. 5 miles away).

Our institute is housed in the "Management Zentrum", 1st and 2nd floor, 69 Altenberger Str., Linz, A-4040.

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