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"Regional Networking in the Service of Environment, Energy and Economy - The Example of Austria's Waldviertel"


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Johannes Kepler University Linz, Department of Data Processing in Social Sciences, Economics and Business
The Waldviertel Management, Edelhof 3, A-3910 Zwettl, Austria

Austria's Waldviertel ...

... is characterized primarily by small and very small businesses. International studies indicate that businesses in such regions face problems in marketing, distance to markets, and shortage of qualified personnel. Furthermore, business administration methods, computer support, and interbusiness communication that have become standards in medium and large businesses rarely find application among small businesses.

The integrated concepts required in today's regional development demand more intensive networking of the sectors (agriculture, tourism, small business, etc.) in economy and communication. Thereby it is important to concentrate on regional strengths, such as an intact environment. For businesses in Austria's Waldviertel, building cooperation among companies in the region and with companies outside the region is strategically necessary. For businesses in Austria's Waldviertel, it is strategically necessary to build cooperation within and beyond the region. The heightened coordination effort necessitates the use of modern information and communication technology.

This regional networking project will define the requirements for training, continuing education, and user services, and deliver organizational and technical solutions. Analogously to a well-developed road and railway system, a communications infrastructure meets a significant prerequisite for future economic development.

This project deals with ...

... the expansion of the regional networking infrastructure in the realm of regional project management. This study strives to prevent undesirable developments and to contribute to the success of the Waldviertel Management.

Based on the goals of the Waldviertel Management (especially increasing the attractiveness of the Waldviertel as a potential site for business and reversing the emigration trend) and their concepts regarding environment, energy and economy (including agriculture), this project will identify the potential of modern information and communication technology. Correctly installing such technology requires weighing not just technical considerations but also organizational and business administration aspects and the politico-economic characteristics of the region. The regional networking of highly complex, sensitive and already networked subprojects demands a careful approach to the planning and introduction of these technical and organizational solutions. We assume that the measures recommended in this study will be implemented and coordinated by the Waldviertel Management.


  • Organizational solutions are to be provided for intercompany communications, based on modern information and communications technology, within the region, with neighboring regions (e.g., South Bohemia), and throughout Europe and the world.
  • Forms of technical support for Waldviertel companies and institutions among themselves and with partners outside the region will be subjected to critical analysis.
  • Concepts for infrastructural support (e.g., a user service center) will be recommended for meeting the demands of training and continuing education.
  • Progressive training and teaching concepts, tuned to regional requirements, will be suggested.

The results of the study should be incorporated into the development concepts for the Waldviertel at a higher regional level and, adapted to the respective local characteristics, should also be applicable in other regions of Austria.

Partners in the cooperative project include the Waldviertel Management and Waldviertel Initiatives. Close cooperation with ARGE Grenznutzen (Border Benefits Association) in Gmünd will help to facilitate communication with South Bohemia.

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